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Greetings! Troop 365 is a boy-run troop based in Glendale, Arizona. Our troop is chartered and meets weekly at the Dream City Church Glendale Campus on Monday evenings.

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Please note that our Boy Scout troop is for boys ages 11-18. Boys under the age of 11 may want to check out Cub Scouts. Cub Scout Pack 365 also meets at Dream City Church. For more information, visit http://troopwebhostcs.org/pack365glendale/.

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Aug. 2-4: PLC Retreat

Posted by tking on Jul 13 2019 - 8:45am

Our PLC planning base camp will be near Black Canyon up on the Rim.

Who should attend?
All scouts with positions of responsibility and scouts who have been invited by the SPL or the Scoutmaster.

What will we be doing?
Planning the years trips and events including summer camps and putting together the troop calendar. Discussing troop business and policies, hiking, fishing and orienteering.

What will it cost?
Nothing, this one is free and the Geezers do the cooking. ( all share KP duties)

What should I bring?
Normal gear for a summer time Base Camp and your ideas for outings for the coming year. The troop trailer will be on site and we will have a generator so we can run laptops and a projector.

Please sign up on line so the Geezers can bring enough food for all.

Yours in Scouting.
Paul Rideout
Please call if you have any questions about this event.



Aug. 23-25 Geezer Retreat

Posted by tking on Jul 11 2019 - 8:04am

Our annual Troop 365 planning campout for adults will be near Stoneman Lake on Friday evening August 23rd thru Sunday August 25th.  We will be assigning adults to the scouts calendar for the 2019-2020  scouting year and other scouting business.  When we are not working, there will be a Frisbee golf tournament and hiking.  This will be a cool area for an August Campout , Bring a tent or R.V.

Sheila will Grub Master, food costs will be split among participants, Please bring your own beverages. (You may also bring a desert or other treat to share)

Directions: Take I-17 to the Stoneman Lake turn off ,take the paved road east about 7 miles to the Tee where the pavement ends .

Turn right and travel about 3 miles and look for troop 365 signs.

We will bring the troop trailer for Cooking and camp needs.

All troop parents and adults are welcome.


Congratulations to our Newest Eagle Scout - Zac Reiland!

Posted by tking on Jun 30 2019 - 2:53pm

Zac passed his Eagle Board of Review on June 20, 2019. We extend our congratulations to Zac. Your troop leaders and family are so very proud of you! We have had 3 boys earn the rank of Eagle this year thus far, making our total Eagle scouts in the troop 118!

Zac's family is planning an Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 4 PM at their home. Please register online if you can attend.


Help David W. With His Eagle Project

Posted by tking on Jun 26 2019 - 7:36am

Message From Scout David Wilson:

Recently I've been given the amazing opportunity to organize my Eagle Scout Service Project in Guatemala and use the practical leadership skills I've learned in Boy Scouts to affect real change in a community that needs it. I have chosen the Ak'Tenamit School in Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala as the beneficiary of my service project. It is a vocational school in eastern Guatemalaaccessible only by boat and provides education and practical experience to local youth in a community where education is often unavailable. We need your help to provide mosquito nets to the children who live and study on campus, as well as to varnish wooden buildings and furniture to withstand the wet, tropical climate. 
Today, I am asking for your support. Any contribution you make will be greatly appreciated and goes directly to the purchase of mosquito nets, varnish, necessary tools and materials that will be transported in suitcases or purchased in Guatemala. I am working and traveling with Nathan and Vyvian Nguyen who have previously worked on missions for the Ak'Tenamit school. This is something I'm really passionate about and any help you could give would make this dream come true. Please share this with your parents, your friends and family, and anyone who might be interested!
More information is on my GoFundMe page, the link is on my account bio.  For more information on the school Ak' Tenamit, visit https://thegtfund.org/welcome/ The trip will be from July 27-August 3. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. 
Donations accepted via post at: David Wilson, PO Box 12345, Glendale AZ 85318 
Thank you! 
Yours in Scouting,
David Wilson

Seabase Summer 2020

Posted by tking on Jun 24 2019 - 8:40am

Hello Shipmates!

The Second Sea Base Payment has been paid to Sea Base. If you have not yet made your initial deposit of $50 or your 2nd Sea Base payment of $100, please bring your payments to the meeting on AUGUST 19th.

Sea Base Payment Plan - Can be paid all at once or month by month.

3rd Payment August 19th $200

4th Payment September 16th $200 

5th Payment October 21st $200

6th Payment November 25th $200

Other Payments and Fees

Plane Tickets TBA

Hotel or Home Rental TBA

Additional Meals and Spending $ TBA

Registered Shipmates With A Reserved Spot On The Boat

1 Mr. Rideout

2 Alex Gmyrek 

3 Ben Gmyrek

4 Bryan Gmyrek


5 Mason Montejo


6 Thomas Amberlang (Need 2nd payment)


7 Adult Amberlang (Need 2nd Payment)

8 Chase Russell (Need 2nd Payment)

9 Damon Russell (Need 2nd Payment)

10 Aaron Williams (Need 2nd Payment)

11 Michael Mankowski (Need 2nd Payment)

12 Bryce Selman (Need deposit and 2nd Payment)

More info

- WE NEED 4-8 MORE PARTICIPANTS. Each boat can fit 8 to 12 oeople. We have 2 more participants (Ben and Jay Crabb) that are paid, but need some shipmates to reserve another boat. Please email gmyrekfamily@gmail.com if you would like to reserve a spot.. Or if you know someone that should be going on this AWESOME trip, let them know that we are still looking for more Shipmates! Scouts are helpful! Help your friends get on this trip! 

- The Troop does have camp scholarship money. Ask Sheila B. Sea Base also has scholarships. Please check the Sea Base website.

- You can use your Scout Account to make Sea Base and other Trip Payments.

Earn some $ - Attend Flag Fundraising Days. The next one is coming up soon. Check the website.

- ‘On the boat dates' are July 9, 2020 - July 15, 2020. However, we will need to add travel days to this trip. Exact travel dates are TBA for now. 

For more information about the trip please go to  http://www.bsaseabase.org

Upcoming Council Merit Badge Clinics

Posted by tking on Apr 29 2019 - 8:28am

Here are some of the links to Grand Canyon Council's upcoming Merit Badge Clinics (all of these will fill up fast!):

*SAVE THE DATE* Ashley Furniture HomeStore Merit Badge Day (At least 8) – October 26th at the Tempe Location

*SAVE THE DATE* Grand Canyon Council BIG Merit Badge Expo – November 1st-3rd at the Heard Scout Pueblo Scout Camp (At least 50 Merit Badges)

Look for upcoming Electronics, Aviation, and more Merit Badge Clinic Dates.

Look for upcoming Surveying, Aviation, and more Merit Badge Clinic Dates

To stay up to date, please join the Grand Canyon Council Facebook Page.

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