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Troop Philosophy
It's hard to say everything that should be said about our philosophy in a few sentences; but this much is clear: we believe in Boy Scout Troops being a boy-run organization. The core of the organization is the elected Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), his assistant(s), and the elected patrol leaders. They run the Troop through the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), which meets regularly and plans the programs. Adults serve in an advisory and supportive role. This means that the troop will not always look as smooth as one that is rigidly managed by the adults, but we believe that over time the boys will learn more and grow more. The Troop Committee sets overall troop standards and values, and manages the troop's money, and the Scoutmaster and his assistants advise and support within these standards. The adult leaders try to monitor the overall performance of the Troop and adjust the approach based on the degree of success being experienced at the time.

Where we Meet

Our meetings are at the Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist, 4102 W Union Hills Rd, Glendale AZ. We meet in the main fellowship hall.

New Scouts
We assign new Scouts to any of several different patrols. When we have an incoming group, such as at Webelos crossover, we try to take friendships and other such factors into consideration. This will give each boy a chance to learn from more experienced Scouts. We also plan to use senior scouts, known as Troop Guides, to help the new Scouts with their introduction into our program, and to help them with their early advancements.

Meeting Schedule
Troop meetings are held weekly on Monday evening at 7PM except for a few weeks from Mid-July through Mid-August and on certain Holidays. Our Troop Committee meets once a month and is announced and publicized on the Troop Calendar. All adult members, leaders, and parents are welcome to Troop Committee meetings. In addition, the PLC holds an annual planning meeting at an out-of-town retreat in August each year. 

Troop 365 plans a campout on a monthly basis except in August. Usual pattern: Alternating between Backpacking Outings and Base-camping (also called car camping) outings. We also plan occasional special base-camping events that have included canoeing, skiing, and touring of out-of-town museums and landmarks. 

We also offer an annual summer camp program, usually at  Camp Geronimo. Older boys (14+) are also offered out-of-state high adventure camps including Philmont and Sea Base as well as Rim To Rim backpacking of the Grand Canyon periodically throughout their scouting years.

Parents are always welcome to attend troop outings. We ask that they camp and eat with the adults, independent of the boys and not interfere in patrol and troop operation, except in an emergency. Problems and concerns should be brought up to a registered adult leader.

How To Join
It's up to you! We want you to make a choice that works for your boy and you, and that's by giving you lots of information. Come visit our troop to learn more.

If you choose us, you will need to complete an online application and pay the fees. If you use beascout.org and pick our Troop, we can send you an online application, but we ask that you visit us first.  If a graduating Webelos, let us know your crossover plans, so we can be there to welcome your boy.  In your case the 

Parents: we are always looking for support from new parents. We have adults helping our troop that have been with us less than a year, some more than 25 years, and just about everything in between. There's room for you!

To learn more and/or visit our troop, please contact us.

Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA for Girls
Troop 365 is a Scouts BSA Troop for boys ages 11-18.
For Girls 11-18, there's Troop 3365, which meets separately at the same place and time as us.  See their link on the home page.
For boys and girls from ages of 5-10, Cub Scout Pack 365 also meets Monday evenings.  See their link on the home page.