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Greetings! Troop 365 is a Scouts BSA troop for boys, ages 11-18, based in Glendale, Arizona. Our troop is chartered and meets weekly at the Dream City Church Glendale Campus on Monday evenings.

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Interested in Scouts BSA Troop 3365 for girls, ages 11-18? Visit fb.me/BSATroop3365Glendale or contact Stephanie Russell for more information about the newly formed troop for girls partnering with Troop 365.

Interested in Cub Scouts for youth (boys and girls) under the age of 11? Cub Scout Pack 365 also meets at Dream City Church. For more information, visit http://troopwebhostcs.org/pack365glendale/.

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It's Rechartering Time!

Posted by rjhetrickjr on Jun 23 2020 - 6:21pm

If you remember how our rechartering went in late 2019, all the amounts we collected were pretty small, because we were collecting for the period January 1 to July 31.  That was because Grand Canyon Council is switching to a Scout year that runs from August 1 to July 31.  So it's time to collect for 8/1/2020 to 7/31/2021, as all current registrations will end 7/31/2020.  Here are the basics:

How Much?  $120 for youth, $36 for adult leaders.  Note that the $120 breaks down to $60 for BSA dues, $60 for Troop 365 dues.  The latter is higher than last year because the Troop needs to make up for spending more than we took in the last couple of years, and we need to restore our reserve fund that protects us in case of major unplanned expenses.  The $36 all goes to BSA.

How to Pay?   There are lots of choices.

  1. You can  pay right on the website with plastic via PayPal.  You will be able to pay exactly $120 or $36 and tell us who it's for.  Look for the link "Annual Dues" right under "MENU" on the left side of the homepage. 
  2. You can send a check to Bob Hetrick at 4934 W. Tierra Buena Ln, Glendale 85306.  Please make it clear who you are paying for, and do not wait until the last minute.
  3. You can use your unit account for all or part.  Note that if you go this route you will have to pay anything not covered by the account by check or cash, not PayPal, as PayPal can only do units of $36 or $120.  Contact me if this is the route that you will take.
  4. We'll have a collection table at the Troop Swim party on July 25  for in-person payments.  Stay tuned for more on that.

Deadline:  July 31 is a HARD Council deadline.  We will have to drop anyone who either has not communicated with us or not arranged payment by that time.  We will make July 26 our Troop hard deadline in order to have time to get the paperwork ready for the Council and make sure there are no errors.

Don't forget:  Adults will have to be current on youth protection training to re-register.  As a lot of adults went through new YPT in 2018, there are a lot of us that need to re-take the course.

Scary Part:  Anyone who does not get on the unit recharter will have to reapply, and the fees will get a lot higher.  BSA youth fees will be $66, adult fees will be $42.  Also the Council will start charging a $60 program fee for youth starting August 1.  That makes the total youth charge starting August 1 to be $186 ($66 for BSA, $60 Program fee for Grand Canyon Council, $60 for T365), so rechartering before July 31 is CRITICAL.

Contact Bob Hetrick at rjhetrick@gmail.com if you have questions and PLEASE DO NOT WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE!

ATTENTION Court of Honor Date Updated

Posted by sbuchanan on Jun 13 2020 - 3:49pm

The NEXT Court of Honor will take place at Dream City Church (baring no state changes) in person as a Troop. We will celebrate the merit badges earned at camp and individually and rank advancements. We will take care to follow current CDC guidelines which will be updated as the time nears. 

Summer Camp Geronimo - Useful files

Posted by rjhetrickjr on Jun 8 2020 - 6:16pm

There are a number of useful files about Summer Camp 2020.  Once you log in go over to the Files link under Menu and find Summer Camp 2020.  You'll find a number of useful files, and we'll add more as they become available.

Summer Camp Geronimo - Lots of info

Posted by rjhetrickjr on May 12 2020 - 6:06pm


Troop 365 plans to go to Camp Geronimo for Week 7, leaving from Dream City Church at 9AM Saturday July 11, eating lunch in Payson, then going on to Camp Geronimo.  We expect to return on Saturday July 18 after having checked out of Camp and eaten lunch in Payson.  This email contains basic information about Camp for anyone planning to go or thinking about it.

First, let's address the most basic questions:

Q:  Will camp happen?  A: We think so. The first four scheduled weeks of camp, which would have run from May 30 to June 27, have been cancelled.  Camp is being offered starting June 27 for four weeks, and we have chosen Week 7, which runs July 11 - 18, because we have adult leaders that are able to commit to being there that week.  We expect that if it becomes necessary for the Council to cancel these weeks of camp that we will know it by the latter part of June.  Note that they have assured us that if Camp happens there will be a number of measures taken to protect everyone's health, starting with screening of everyone in the Parking lot before they can enter Camp.  Attached is a dlocument from GRand Canyon Council that can answer your questions.

Q: What happens if Summer Camp at Geronimo gets cancelled?  A: Troop 365 has a plan B in its hip pocket, which would be a combination of a 3 day weekend base camp at 7000' or so plus some days of day camp in the Valley, which would include a daily swimming opportunity and a designed program to support advancement.  We have an outline of what it might look like, but would not work on it in detail until we know that we need Plan B, probably late June.  We'd have about a month to put it together, which should be plenty of time.  At the earliest it would include the weekend of July 17-19 and several days the following week.

Our Meetings Have Gone ***Virtual***!

Posted by rjhetrickjr on May 2 2020 - 9:29pm

Troop 365's response to the times that we are in is to have virtual Zoom meetings -- separate ones for the

  • Pirates Patrol (Scouts working on Scout and Tenderfoot ranks) at 7PM,
  • Phoenix Patrol (Scouts working on 2nd and 1st Class) at 7:30 PM, and
  • Dragons Patrol (1st Class and above) at 8:00 PM

Connection information went out via the Announce Tool, so you all should have received it.  We won't repeat it here because distribution here can be seen by the general public.  If you do not know how to get into your Zoom meeting, contact Wyatt. 

"See" you Monday night!

Summer Camp 2020 - Big Changes and both a Plan A and Plan B

Posted by rjhetrickjr on Apr 27 2020 - 10:22am
We all know that The COVID 19 virus has made 2020 become a strange and very challenging year for Scouting.  Grand Canyon Council announced late last week that they have decided to cancel Weeks 1-4 of Summer Camp at Camp Geronimo.  At this time they are planning to start camp with Week 5, which would run from June 27 or 28 to July 4, and to add a Week 7 from July 11 or 12 to July 18 plus a Week 8 from July 18 or 19 to July 25.  You can check out the video announcement of this at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qH7PmCiGTw.
The Troop was on a path to go Week 3, with about 10-12 boys attending plus several adult leaders.  After a discussion with various adult leaders we have determined that we have enough adult leader support to go to camp Week 7 (July 11 or 12 to July 18) IF there are enough youth that can go that week AND the Grand Canyon Council does not decide to cancel what's left of Summer Camp in a later announcement.  With the uncertainty these days nothing is guaranteed.
The Troop adult leadership has decided that the best way to Be Prepared for whatever happens is to have two plans.
Plan A is to go to Camp Geronimo Week 7 (July 11 or 12 to July 18) IF it happens.  We will reach out to every scout who showed interest in going to Camp Geronimo Week 3 (now Cancelled) to see if Week 7 works.  IF you hadn't shown interest in going to Camp Geronimo before now let us know by Friday May 1 by signing up on the website.  The costs for this will be the Camp Geronimo fee of $350 plus $25 for transportation and Troop provided meals.
Plan B is in case either Week 7 at Camp Geronimo gets cancelled or the Troop membership decides that this is a better idea for Troop 365 in 2020.  It would be a combination of a 2 night 3 day campout in the high country and several day camp days in the Valley at a house with a pool.  There would be a structured program for both the campout and the day camp days that would be oriented toward advancement to Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks., as well as getting oriented to Scouting BSA and Troop 365.  The costs for this would be based on projected food costs and transportation costs, and are expected to be a good bit under $100.  We would expect to have the weekend campout on the July 17-19 weekend and the day camp for several days starting Monday, July 20.
You can expect to hear more about this at the Monday night meetings and we'll let you know how to sign up for this plan if you are interested.

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