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Greetings! Troop 365 is a Scouts BSA troop for boys, ages 11-18, based in Glendale, Arizona. Our troop is chartered and meets weekly on Monday evenings.

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Interested in Scouts BSA Troop 3365 for girls, ages 11-18? Visit fb.me/BSATroop3365Glendale or contact Stephanie Russell for more information about the newly formed troop for girls partnering with Troop 365.

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Annual Shooting Sports Day - March 26, 2023

Posted by rjhetrick on Feb 2 2023 - 11:11am

Come and join us for fun day of .22 rifle shooting. We encourage all attendees to bring their .22 rifles and any ammunition you can provide. The Wickenburg gun club will provide range masters for instruction and safety. This will be a free event for all, and lunch will also be provided.  Above and below are a few pictures from our 2022 event.  Check out the attached fact sheet for more info and sign up over on the right side of the website.

Camp Geronimo 2023 -- June 24-July 1 - Time to Sign Up!

Posted by rjhetrick on Jan 30 2023 - 5:02pm


It's time (right now) to get signed up for a great week at Camp Geronimo.

 Here's a summary of what we know:

The Basics:

  • Depart:  9:30AM Saturday 6/24, Return 7/1 about 12PM
  • Costs:  $475 for camp fees, food and transportation,  $225 adults.  Note:  there are no additional fees for any merit badge any more!

  • Payment schedule:  $150 payments due by February 15 2023, $150 by Mar 30, $150 due May 1, with $25 trip fee due at June 24 check-in.  Note that the Troop must put down $150 per Scout and $75 per adult by Feb 15, and it is not refundable!

  • Unit Accounts: and Flag Service:  You can use funds in unit accounts to make payments at any time.  Funds earned for flag service in the 202122023 season through the Memorial Day 2022 flag service will be calculated after that event and available to apply as part of the last payment.

  • Camperships:  The Grand Canyon Council offer camperships to help with fees for those in need .  A form can be found at :https://247scouting.com/forms/010-financialassistance They go straight to the Grand Canyon Council and the Council will contact unit leaders to verify information on the application.  The Council will start considering them January 15 thru March 15  We recommend requests get in early — our experience is that those that need assistance get it , but if you wait they may run out of funds.  Historically they have covered up to 75% with camperships, which would work out to $337.50, leaving $112.50 plus the $25 T365 trip and Saturday meal fee.

What we need

We have a short time frame to get a working list of who's going.  We need you to sign up to the event over on the Troop website sign-ins on the right and to get at least the initial deposit to Bob Hetrick.  I will get info from the Treasurer on unit account status, so you can let me know if you think that you can use that.

For more info contact Bob Hetrick or check out the attachments

Personal Fitness Merit Badge Starting Jan 23

Posted by rjhetrick on Jan 20 2023 - 10:00pm

Personal  Fitness  Merit badge

Troop      365, 3365   Jan-April   2023

Merit badge counselor:

Mr. Joe Webster   with help from Mr. Tom Shull




Personal Fitness Merit badge is an Eagle required merit badge.

Note  that "Personal Fitness" is more than Physical fitness.

It is a very important part of the "duty to self" part of the scout oath.

It does have a three month fitness routine requirement. 

So to get started on this requirement we'll do the initial fitness 'test' and outline your 12 week fitness plan ASAP.   Which is after the court of honor on January 23rd.  (It is expected to be a short Court of honor).  

In brief the Physical fitness test involves:  1 mile run, sit ups, push ups, pull ups, and flexibility.

Please scope out a one mile course which you can fit into your weekly routine and come to the meeting with your initial timing.


The requirements / worksheets for this Merit Badge can be down loaded here:

     *** http://www.usscouts.org/mb/worksheets/personal-fitness.pdf **** 


The actual Merit badge booklet can be purchased at:


    $4.99 for digital download  , $5.99 (+$3.25 shipping) for mailed hardcopy. 


A Copy of last year's Merit badge booklet can be downloaded in PDF format from:


note that only minor changes were made for the 2023 version.


A study guide for the requirements can be found here:




Before our first class  Monday 1/23/23.  Please workout a 1 mile path for the aerobic exercise component of the fitness program.   This should be a route you'll do several times during the 12 week program.   This can be a school track, or with our 1 mile street grid system a 1/2 mile out and back route works, just be sure it is safe and repeatable.  I expect most scouts can do a mile around 10 minutes or so. Please come prepared with your initial time for your route.


The physical fitness part of the merit badge works well with a buddy,  so try to buddy up.


As almost all scouts need this Merit badge the PLC has agreed to do this merit badge during the troop meetings.   So we'll be working on the merit badge requirements for a few of the meetings in the next 12 weeks.   Stay tuned for specific dates.

Court of Honor - Monday night Jan 23

Posted by rjhetrick on Jan 20 2023 - 9:58pm

It's Court of Honor time!  Be sure to wear Class A uniforms!

Ship Rock Base Camp North of Wickenburg

Posted by amontejo on Jan 19 2023 - 7:32pm

                                                 Ship Rock Base Camp February 10 to February 12 

  We will be camping north of Wickenburg near the Santa Maria River in an area that has been a troop favorite for years. The Troop is planning a Bottle Rocket competition, advancement opportunities, several hikes using map and compass and our traditional hike on Sunday morning to the top of Ship Rock for our Church Service and after the service a parachute demonstration featuring a troop mascot (hopefully the updrafts will be with him, and his ride will be long.) 

Bring material to make a bottle rockets, a 2 liter bottle, weights and wings!!!

The two-mile road into Ship Rock requires a high clearance vehicle and four-wheel drive, the weather will be slightly cooler than the Phoenix Forecast..



We encountered these Bighorn Sheep in 2014 at the top of Ship Rock

Troop 365 Court of Honor January 23 7:00PM

Posted by dprideout on Jan 16 2023 - 7:44pm

We are Having a Court of Honor on Monday Night January 23rd at 7:00PM, Please be in Class A . 

We will also be doing a presentation on Summer Camp and other upcoming events. 

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