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Troop Election Results

Posted by tking on May 22 2017 - 8:04am

Congratulations to the following scouts elected to leadership positions at the May 1 meeting:

  • Senior Patrol Leader: Jason Benedict
    • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader: Michael Oless
    • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader: Carl Shull
  • Bears Patrol Leader: Zach Reiland
    • APL: Alex Gmyrek
  • Buccaneers Patrol Leader: Tristan Marsitto
    • APL: David Shull
  • Dragons Patrol Leader: Matthew Oless
    • APL: Grant Valentine
  • Falcons Patrol Leader: Ethan Crabb
    • APL: Peter Ambelang
  • Phoenix Patrol Leader: Bryce Selman
    • APL: Gavin Lamont

Our SPL will be announcing appointed leadership positions soon and the names will be posted here. If you are interested in a leadership position, contact Jason ASAP.

Confirmed Appointed Positions:

  • Bugler: Matthew Oless
  • Guide, Instructor: Grant Valentine
  • Guide, Instructor: Kyle Brunmeier
  • Instructors: Marcus Hester, Keaton Roberge, Christian Johnson, Colton Johnson
  • Junior Assistant Scoutmaster: Ben King
  • Skitmaster: Ben Gmyrek
  • Chaplain's Aide: Alex Gmyrek
  • Librarian: Gavin Lamont

ATTENTION SCOUTS: If you are not listed here and/or the troop roster under a youth leadership position, then you are not getting credit for leadership for rank advancement. If you are a leader (such as a librarian, den chief, etc.), and you are not listed here, contact your SPL (Jason Benedict) right away and have him confirm your position and relay the information to Mrs. King to get your information updated in the database so you receive credit. This should come from the SPL. Parents - if your scout is not listed, it is the scout's responsibility to contact the SPL and have the SPL contact Mrs. King to update this information. The scouts need to take responsibility for this communication. Thank you!

ANNOUNCING: SUMMER CAMP AT CAMP GERONIMO - June 24-July 2 -- It's time to finalize sign-ups and pick merit badges!

Posted by tking on May 16 2017 - 8:09am

As of Saturday 4/29 we are exactly 8 weeks from the day we go to Camp Geronimo for a GREAT weeks of Scouting!

There is a LOT to do between now and then.  Please read carefully.

  1. Declare that you are going!  If you plan to go and have not signed up on this website, please do so! Right now we are holding down 25 slots for Scouts (and we can get more if needed).  If we need less than those 25 slots we have to reduce our number by May 15 to avoid losing money.
  2. Make payments.  The total cost is $400.  By now you should have paid at least $200 and be at the $300 mark by May 16.  See Mr. Oless for payments.  If you are planning to use money earned doing flags in 2016-2017, we count each Flag event from June 14, 2016 to Memorial Day 2017 in the yearly totals and then figure out how much each Scout earned.  That money can be applied to what's owed by the 1st or 2nd week of June, in time for the final payment.  (If you have other money in your Troop account you can get it applied to what you owe at any time.  Just let Mr. Oless know.)
  3. PICK YOUR MERIT BADGES!  At Geronimo you register for the merit badges ahead of time and go to camp with a schedule for all your morning merit badges.  Please fill out the attached form to rank your merit badge preferences.  Note that the longer you wait the more classes fill up and you won't get what you want.  As an example, Geocaching is already filled up.  Nearly everything else still has room, but that might not be true if you keep putting it off.  Please give a paper copy of the form to Mr. Hetrick at the meetings or scan it and email it to him at rjhetrick@gmail.com.  Note that I have also attached documents that show the schedule for the different badges, some that run on afternoons that you can sign up for when you get there, and other info.
  4. Work on merit badge prerequisites.  For many of the badges it is impossible to cover every requirement at camp.  For those you need to bring your work on certain requirements or in some case a signed note.  Completing the prerequisites before camp is the only way to earn the badge by the end of our camp week.


Please see Mr. Oless (payments) or Mr. Hetrick (merit  badges) if you have any questions.

Special Event at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel! Thanks Scouts!!!

Posted by tking on May 10 2017 - 8:33am

Special Thanks to the team that fulfilled a SPECIAL REQUEST to have flags present on Tuesday May 2nd at the Sheraton Crescent!

Thanks to 3 scouts...Aaron Williams, Joe Stephens and Ryan Hadden. Awesome job scouts!

Leaders Kirk Brunmeier and Chris Williams assisted with the driving and logistics (getting the flags to and from).

Awesome job guys!    Thanks for making this a special day at the Sheraton Crescent!

- Julie Brown

Congratulations to Newly Elected OA Members

Posted by rjhetrickjr on Apr 25 2017 - 2:02pm

Congratulations to the following members of our troop elected to the OA at our April 24th troop meeting:

  • Ethan Crabb
  • Christian Johnson
  • Grant Valentine
Congratulations also to the following adult that was nominated:
  • John Selman
Also, a giant "tip of the hat" to our Troop ceremony team that did such a great job on the call-out:
  • Chief - Jason Benedict
  • Shaman - Ben King
  • Guard - Ryan Leff
  • Guide - Michael Oless
  • Flutist - Matthew Oless
  • Drummer - Tanner DeShong
  • Torch Bearers - Carl Shull & David Wilson

Leaders/Parents: Please Update Youth Protection Training Certificate Posted on Web Site

Posted by tking on Apr 25 2017 - 8:17am
At last night's committee meeting, we discussed the accessibility of Youth Protection Certificates to all. We have gathered these and provided them on the web site for some time. However, it is up to the individual adult to provide them to me to publish on the web site. As of late, we are missing several or show as expired even though we know our adults have current YPT.

Could you all please take a few minutes to look at the list on the web site and find your name and review your listed certificate info?

Go to the web site and select the FILES link. Find the Youth Protection Training Certificates FOLDER and click on it for a listing of all our YPT certificates on file.  If your name is not listed, please provide me a copy of your YPT to post. If your name IS listed, check the certificate to see if it is current or an old expired certificate. If it is not current, provide me the newer copy of your YPT.

You can retrieve your YPT on the my.scouting.org web site. You can either save a copy electronically as a PDF and email it to me. Or, you can print a copy and give it to me at any troop meeting. Let's try to get this updated by June 1.

Thank you,

Terri King

June 9-11: Lava Tubes Base Camp

Posted by tking on Apr 17 2017 - 9:59am

Our June outing will be a base bamp up in the cool pines, west of Flagstaff. This will be a busy camp with orienteering rank advancement workshops, and you can earn your tote n chit and firem chit cards. On Saturday afternoon, we usually go on an orienteering course with waypoints of a mile or more with the last way point at the Lava River Cave. Be prepared for a 1.5 mile underground hike in temperatures of about 38 degrees! (Don’t forget a flashlight!) Then we will head back to camp for dinner and a campfire.

Download the Fact Outing Sheet Here


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