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Greetings! Troop 365 is a Scouts BSA troop for boys, ages 11-18, based in Glendale, Arizona. Our troop is chartered and meets weekly on Monday evenings.

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Interested in Scouts BSA Troop 3365 for girls, ages 11-18? Visit fb.me/BSATroop3365Glendale or contact Stephanie Russell for more information about the newly formed troop for girls partnering with Troop 365.

Interested in Cub Scouts for youth (boys and girls) under the age of 11? For Cub Scout Pack 365 information, visit https://www.facebook.com/arizonapack365/.

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Chase Russell's Eagle Court of Honor - Saturday July 31 - Please sign up

Posted by rhetrick on Jul 30 2021 - 1:11pm

Chase Russell's Eagle Court of Honor will be tomorrow, Saturday, July 31, 2021, at the Congregational Church of Sun City, 18401 N 99th Ave, Sun City, AZ 85373

Troop Swim Party August 7th 2:00PM until6:00 PM

Posted by drideout on Jul 24 2021 - 7:31pm

Troop Swim Party at the Russell's House. August 7th  2:00PM until6:00 PM

Hot Dogs snacks and drinks and swimming at our beginning of the Scouting tear Get together. Bring a towel and a swim suite the water will be fine.

Rechartering for 2021-2022 - Big Price Drop but less than a week left!

Posted by rhetrick on Jul 24 2021 - 5:08pm

Hi everyone!  It's time for rechartering for 2021-2022 (8/1/2021-07/31/2022), and it's my honor (?) to ruin this show once again.  Everybody's current BSA registration ends at 11:59 PM on July 31.

Note that the prices have gone down a lot due to a generous donation plus updated Council Information!

We are going to start with the bottom lines first, and you can read on for some detail if you want afterwards.

  1. What are the dates:  We MUST recharter by 7/31/2021 or it will get much more expensive, as BSA fees that are part of this go up as of 8/1/2021.
  2. How much?  The bottom line prices are:  Youth without Scout Life - $116, Youth with Scout Life - $128, Adult - $42  There is detail on where these numbers come from way down below.  There is a slight increase if you use PayPal to offset their charges.
  3. How to pay:  There are four general ways.  Every way except option a. can be mixed to get to the needed total.
    1. Online via PayPal:  Over on the left of this website you will see the following:

       If you click "Annual Dues, etc." you will then see:

      You then add to the cart what you need -- not ever using my name!  Note that this only knows 3 different amounts, so you can't pay part by PayPal and the rest by methods b-d below -- it's too complicated!
    2. By unit account.  I have the balances and can work with you by email (rjhetrick@gmail.com).  Please avoid cellphones to start this off, as you can't know if I am by my computer!  Also see "in-person" opportunity in item 4. below.
    3. By cash.  See the "in-person" opportunity in item 4. below.
    4. By check. Either mail them to me at Bob Hetrick, 4934 W. Tierra Buena Ln, Glendale AZ  85306, or bring them to the "in-person" opportunity below.
  4. "In-person opportunity" -- I will set up outside the Starbucks on N. 75th Ave just north of the Loop 101, i.e. in front of our old friend Dream City Church from 7-8PM on Monday, July 26, and Wednesday July 28 with my computer and unit account balances to deal with unit accounts, cash, and checks.  I cannot guarantee having the right amount of change that you might need, especially at the beginning, so please be aware.  I'll stay until we help anyone there by 8 or we get kicked out.
  5. Contacting me:  My cell is 602-980-2031 if you don't already know it.  Leave voicemails if I don't answer -- it's set up -- or try texting (be sure to identify yourself if I have not been regularly texting with you).  It is my practice to not leave a call in progress to answer another one except in special situations.
  6. Adult YPT:  If you have been getting nagged about renewing your YPT recently and have not yet done so, it's a MUST for rechartering.  If you do it later than 7/23 please send me an image of the completion certificate, in case the rechartering system is a bit behind the times.
  7. Money details.  OK!  If you have gotten this far you're either interested on understanding more about how Troop finances work.  Here goes.
    1. The adult cost is pretty easy - $42 for BSA.  T365 adds nothing to this -- far be it from us to scare away adult volunteers!
    2. The youth cost is a combination of two things: $66 for the BSA, and $50 for GCC, for a total of $116. "Scout Life" costs an optional $12 -- it's renamed from "Boys Life" for I think are obvious reasons. Here are some comments:
      1. Both the BSA and GCC have made it clear that these fees and amounts have to do with the general cost of doing business -- staff, facilities, programs, etc. and not directly the abuse lawsuits, but what they have to pay for insurance is a sure indirect factor.
      2. The GCC fee replaces a mandatory Friends of Scouting charge that was assessed to each unit based on size a year ago.  For Troop 365 we have no per Scout dues for 2021-2022 thanks to a generous donation.
      3. The Troop dues would have been $60, but can be zero for 2021-2022 thanks to that generous donation.
      4. Going forward our Troop's only income sources are margin from the Flags program -- split with Sister Troop 3365, plus dues.  Over the medium to long haul it would help to have more income sources, but we currently don't have a fundraising chair, and our recent history of trying to sell stuff is not great.  Please see Sheila if you can help in this area of have ideas.

It's summertime -- and the living is easy!

Posted by rhetrick on Jul 7 2021 - 7:16pm

Sounds like a song?  Must be a coincidence.

Troop 365 is on a Monday night meeting hiatus until probably Monday, August 16.  Before that there will be both a PLC Leaders Retreat to build our calendar for 2021-2022 from August 13-15 and a "Get things started with a swim party" event, probably on Saturday August 7.  Stay tuned!

The Troop has just completed a successful week at Camp Geronimo that included 12 youth and 5 adults, culminating in a nice supply of Merit Badges, rank advancements, and work toward ranks.  The new 2021-2022 calendar will have a Court of Honor, probably in December to award lots of Badges, Ranks, and other accomplishments from our Camps.

Right now we have two crews of older Scouts and adult leaders on their way to the Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, New Mexico for a two week wilderness adventure. We know that there will be tales to tell!

Also look for another message coming very soon about rechartering for the 2021-2022Scout year, as all current registrations will end as of July 31.  That will be a hard deadline unless everyone wants to pay more, as various BSA and Grand Canyon Council fees will go up on August 1.

Stay tuned for more information.

Have a great summer!

Uniform Patch Placement

Posted by rhetrick on May 26 2021 - 6:53pm

I just had a question from the parent of one of our new Scouts crossing over on patch placement.  Here is an illustration that can help.  Note that the Arrow of Light patch goes centered below the left pocket.  The right pocket is a choice.  Over your time in Scouting -- as soon as at Summer Camp! -- you will get a number of patches that can go there.  When you end up with a lot more patches to show off than you uniform can hold, that's what vests are for.



Leave No Trace guidance on sustainably collecting firewood for a campfire.

Posted by rkerr on May 15 2021 - 10:27am

Campfires can be a big part of any camping trip. In addition to knowing how to put out a fire, considering where our firewood comes from is an essential piece in having a Leave No Trace campfire. If collecting wood from the surrounding ecosystem is allowed, following the 4 D's of wood collection will help us leave minimal impact on the environment.

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