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Sep. 2-5: Lockett Meadow Base Camp

Posted by tking on Jul 22 2016 - 4:10pm

This year’s Labor Day outing has been changed to a base camp (all scouts invited) near Locket Meadow on the slopes of Mt. Humphreys. This outing will include a climb to the summit of Mt. Humphreys (elevation 12,633 feet) from Locket Meadows (elevation 8,600 feet) - a 16 mile round trip with a 4,000 foot elevation gain.  This hike is for scouts 14 yrs. old and above or with scoutmaster permission. This will also serve as a qualifying hike for the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim in October.   Alternately, there will be a shorter hike to the Inner Basin for younger scouts and those who would prefer a less strenuous hike.  On Sunday, we will take a tour of the Sunset Crater National Monument and the nearby Indian ruins.    

We will be camping in the same camp area as June 2015, which is a great place for a basecamp and camp fires should be no problems at this time of the year.  The area around is a great place to practice orienteering and scouting games.  We will pack up early on Monday morning and try to be on the road by 11:00 am with a stop for lunch in Camp Verde.  There will be 2 evening camp fires. Each patrol should be prepared with skits, songs or a game, there will be a church service on Sunday morning.  

Download the Fact Outing Sheet here.


Adults please note number of seat belts in vehicle (including your own) or indicate if a non-driver.

Aug. 5-7: PLC Retreat

Posted by tking on Jul 19 2016 - 8:53am

The most important PLC of the year is coming up August 5-7 - the PLC Planning Retreat at the Middleton Cabin located in Munds Park. All members of the PLC are expected to attend (including SPL, ASPLs, Patrol Leaders, Troop Scribe, JASM, Scoutmaster, and ASMs).

Patrols MUST have representation at the retreat. Patrol Leader attendance is preferable but if a Patrol Leader is unable to attend, they MUST secure an alternate to represent them at the retreat - the assistant patrol leader or if necessary another patrol member. It's YOUR RESPONSIBLITY as the patrol leader to secure someone in your patrol to represent the patrol at the retreat!!!!

Current PLC Members Expected to Attend or Secure Alternate Representation:

  • Senior Patrol Leader: Chris Middleton
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders: Jason Benedict & Colton Johnson
  • Patrol Leaders: Geoffrey Stephens (Bears); Tristan Marsitto (Buccaneers); Christian Johnson (Dragons); Richard Wilson (Falcons); Kyle Brunmeier (Phoenix)
  • Troop Guide: Ethan Crabb
  • Scribe: POSITION OPEN?

The Scoutmaster, ASMs and PLC will draft our annual calendar for the 2016-17 year. Traditionally, we plan for one camp outing per month alternating between base camp and backpacking each month. We also plan a few high adventure outings, summer camp, and non traditional trips (such as canoeing, skiing, etc.). And, we plan for our troop meetings to select monthly themes and service patrol assignments.

Attention Everyone: Do you have an idea for an outing this year? Adults - email Mr. Ambelang with your suggestions that he will bring to the PLC during the retreat. Scouts - email or call your Patrol Leader with your suggestions. If possible, provide photos on a flash drive or any other supporting material. Scouts within patrols should relay any ideas that would like to see for the year to their Patrol Leader to represent them at the retreat. 

Attention Geezers: The August PLC planning retreat is primarily for youth leaders to plan the calendar with the advice of the attending Scoutmaster/ASMs. It's not a general outing for the troop. We will have a "Geezer Retreat" open to all adults (ASMs/Committee/Parents/etc) within the troop at the end of September to finalize the calendar on that campout. Finalizing the calendar includes assigning adult leaders to individual outings, fundraising efforts, feedback on previous year issues, future needs of the troop, etc. We encourage any and all adults to plan on attending the Geezer Retreat scheduled for Sep. 23-25 - and bring your frisbee too for our annual frisbee golf competition!

We would like everyone that is going to register online to indicate attendance at the PLC Retreat. Mrs. King has attempted to "limit" online registration to the PLC, Scoutmaster, ASMs, and a few others known to be going for various reasons because it's not an open troop-wide monthly camp outing. Mrs. King however is only human. She may have omitted someone's ability to register that is going when she set up the online registration because she didn't know they were a PLC member or that even though they aren't a traditional PLC member they are going anyway (such as a patrol member going in place of a patrol leader or an adult that isn't an ASM but going to help in some other capacity). If you are going (scout or adult) but you can't register, email Mrs. King to fix the registration for you. Also, make sure either Chris Middleton (for scouts) or Mr. Rideout (for adults) know you are attending the retreat.


Sep. 23-25: Geezer Retreat

Posted by tking on Jul 19 2016 - 8:52am

Attention All Adults: Our annual Geezer Retreat Campout is the weekend of September 23-25. The purpose of the Geezer Retreat is to discuss the upcoming year of scouting and to do the logistical planning for the outings and activities that the scouts put together on their calendar at the PLC Retreat in August. All adults are welcome at the campout! Boys/other children do not attend this one. 

If you cannot attend the Geezer Retreat, please look over the draft calendar when it is available and e-mail Mr. Rideout or Mrs. Buchanan any outings or duties you would like to volunteer for in the upcoming calendar year. This campout is also a good way to learn about the volunteer opportunities available in your troop.

Besides work, we also usually take a hike on Saturday and have a Frisbee golf tournament so bring your best Frisbee. The participants will split the cost of food and the cleaning and cooking duties.  In the past, adults have also brought other snacks to share during the meeting times as well. Bring enough water/drinks/snacks for the weekend, a tent, a cot or sleeping mat, sleeping bag, and personal items.  (Don’t forget that Frisbee, 1st prize is bragging rights.)

Our camp location is TBD by Mr. Rideout soon.  This is a non BSA event and food and driving are split up among the adults going.  We bring the troop trailer up for cooking and camping supplies.

Sign up online as soon possible, and if you have questions, contact Mr. Rideout.


Update Your Troop Information

Posted by tking on Jul 17 2016 - 9:01am

Scouts and Adults: While we are on break, please take a few minutes to check your address and phone numbers on the troop web site. Click on the Troop Roster link and find your name. Check your address, home phone, cell phone, and email address. A lot of times, scouts do not have their cell phones or email addresses listed because we do not collect that information on their scout application. However, this information is useful so that scouts themselves are receiving eblasts and are able to connect with other scouts in the troop directly. If you need to change or add contact information, please send an email to Mrs. King with all information to correct/add. DO NOT use the edit button on the web site to enter the information yourself. Because we import this information from a separate database periodically, your edits will be erased the next time we import that database. So just send an email to Mrs. King with the  updated information. 

Adults: We like to keep a copy of your Youth Protection Training certificate on file on the web site because it's the quickest/easiet way to check to ensure everyone is current. Please check to see that a current copy of your YPT certificate is on file here. YPT certificates are located under the FILES link under  the menu. Click FILES. Then scroll down and click Youth Protection Training Certificates. You will see a list in alphabetical order by last name. If not on file, please send a copy of it to Mrs. King as well.

Sep. 17th: Merit Badge University

Posted by tking on Jul 16 2016 - 2:48pm

Grand Canyon Council is offering a Merit Badge University on September 17th. This will be the first of TWO classes. The second class date is TBD. Registration opens July 19th online. Visit http://www.grandcanyonbsa.org/event/1938096 to register or for additional information.

Some of the merit badges they are offering include archaeology, crime prevention, emergency prep, environmental science, journalism, law, salesmanship, search & rescue, space exploration, sustainability, and weather.

Summer Break: Troop BBQ & Swim on Aug. 13th; Troop Meetings Resume Aug. 15th

Posted by tking on Jul 3 2016 - 10:07am

The troop is officially on a "summer break" for the remainder of July/beginning of August, as we do every year.

  • The PLC will attend a weekend retreat Aug. 5-7 to plan for the upcoming 2016-17 year.  The SPL, ASPLs, Patrol Leaders, and Troop Scribe are expected to attend. Location and details TBD soon.

  • We will hold our annual Troop Swim and BBQ on Saturday, August 13, 2017 at the Reiland Family Home. Please sign up online if you plan to attend an include number of guests. All families are asked to bring food to share for the potluck:
    • Bears – Drinks (Water and Soda)
    • Buccaneers – Chips and Dips (something to munch on before swimming)
    • Dragons –  Salads or Fruit
    • Falcons – Something sweet!!!!
    • Phoenix - Veggies or something healthy for snacks
    • SPL/ASPLs - Any of the above!
    Indicate what you will bring in the notes section when you sign up.

  • Troop meetings will resume on Monday, August 15th.

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